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Esta sería una buena oportunidad de comenzar con el bluewater ....

1300 $ per team, parece (vuelo a parte)

Interesante ese post de Rabie (donde se abla de Stellenbosch! ::))

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Hi Guys
Just a quick word from the organizers. I just want to emphasize that this comp will be held to improvement the image and knowledge that the local public have of our sport. All fish will be donated to Unite against hunger.
Do bring digital cameras along. There will be a Rodman available for media coverage and anyone interested to come film it, if you can get yourself to Cape Town we will give you a spot on either the media boat or and participating team's boat. Media representatives will be randomly selected to boats before teams get to randomly select a boat so there will be no unfair disadvantage. There is no financial or business goal to this comp. We would just like to get some hardcore spearo's to come have some fun in the Cape of Good Hope. We will organize some local entertainment on the days off like visiting Table Mountain and maybe go on a famous Stellenbosch wine tour. You do not have to be crazy to participate, but it will help!

Lo que me ha gustado es el cierre

No tienes que estar loco para participar, pero ayuda.

Joder como me gustaria poder hacer una cosa asi..que espectaculo tiene que ser!!

Sólo hay 7 plazas para equipos internacionales y 4 ya están comprometidas.
Sólo 5 equipos locales compiten.
Fácilmente se pueden capturar varios atunes por pescador y día.


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